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Hey guys the Super Bowl is here!!! Break out the chips and queso, the buffalo wings, the pizza, and anything that has grease! Invite all your friends to watch “The Big Game” at your house. You’ve been cleaning it for the past week and want to impress and entertain your family and friends. If you can, picture where everyone will be at kick off, or better yet the highly anticipated HALF TIME SHOW!!!

You may be super hyped up that your team is winning or bummed that they are losing, but what you won’t be thinking about is your plumbing. Yes, the nasty job that no one wants to address during this “get together”. Is your plumber going to be there if and when that moment arises? Or is he going to be “off the clock” trying to enjoy the same thing you are? As much as it pains me to say this, a good plumber will take care of his customer.

It was last year at this time, the Patriots were playing the falcons. The game had just started, and you guessed it, an emergency call came in. I had to leave the game and head out to take care of a customer who had a leak coming out of their wall. Yes they had the game on and the Falcons had a comfortable lead. Either way, by the time I got back home I had missed one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history. The Falcons blew a 23 point lead and I made sure that my customers didn’t miss that.

It’s my job. It’s an honor and privilege to serve my customers with the best that I can provide. When you least expect it, your plumbing will need our help. That’s when you call us for your emergency service. Plumbing, not just a job, a passion to help.

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