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Drain Cleaning – Clogged sewers can be a nuisance. Whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night, when a sewer clogs it’s never a good time. We offer this service using the appropriate equipment to take care of your “stinky” situations quickly and as painless as possible.


Electric/Gas Water heater Repair and Installation – Water heaters are definitely an appliance that most people cannot live without. It always seems to quit working at the worst times. Fortunately we can offer repairs for your water heater or even replacement if necessary. There are many people that can offer this service, but you need to make sure that the person you hire is licensed and the water heater you install is the best for your home. There are also many codes that need to be considered if they are not part of your current heater and we can accommodate these for you.


Tankless water heater consultation & installation – Tankless water heaters … wow what a revolutionary appliance!! These heaters have come a long way and are very useful as they never run out of hot water. Who would’ve ever thought that was possible?!? We can install these for you and even service them in the years to come to make your invested money last longer. Natural gas and propane heaters seem to be the most efficient and tend to put a satisfying smile on all our customers faces.

Water softeners – Ladies and gentlemen, we live in the Texas hill country. Yes, this is the part of Texas that has some of the hardest water we’ve ever come across. The water hear will ruin any and every fixture in your home if your aren’t careful. Shower valves, kitchen faucets, shut off valves, toilets, and even your dishwasher will suffer from hard water. We have found that in order to protect the above listed investments, a water softener is most definitely a necessity.

Slab leak investigation, repair, & re-route – If you have found yourself losing water or maybe see water coming up from your slab, we can help. Though it can be a time consuming process we can locate and eliminate the problem under the slab and re-route it over head using a new route in the ceiling.


Sewer inspections with camera – In the plumbing field there always seems to be a brick wall called “the unknown”. With our modern day tools, we are able to take a camera and run down your sewer line to inspect any problems that may be costing you money now or in the future. There are plenty of times that a pipe will crack and allow roots to grow inside the pipe and with our camera we can locate that problem and give a price to repair.


Garbage Disposal – Garbage disposals are in an appliance category of their own. They tend to be used and abused and sometimes keep on kicking, but most of the time need to be replaced or even taken apart. Items such as potato peels, rice, carrot peels, and (clears throat) bottle caps do not belong there. We can service your disposal for any of these reasons and more.


Gas Line Repair/Replacement – Gas is something you really don’t want to mess with. There is a reason we carry a license for this job. When there is a gas leak we can use our “magic” and locate the problem and give you a price to repair or replace the issue. If a gas meter is removed by the utility company, we can pull a permit and get you back up and running quickly. We use a material to run gas lines in your attic called CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing). We also use black pipe in the exterior walls to prevent nails and screws from puncturing the pipe when sheetrock is repaired or any cover is installed.


Installing/repairing kitchen & bathroom fixtures (lavatories, showers, sinks, tubs, & toilets) – Do you have a fixture that you want installed, but just don’t have time or the skill to do it? We can do that for you!! We can purchase the toilet or install yours. If you have an existing toilet that constantly runs or makes weird noises, we can make that go away. If that old kitchen faucet has finally given up the ghost, we can give you advise on which way to go with a new one. If you have a shower valve that is leaking or not wanting to cooperate with you, we can make those repairs too. Give us a call whatever the reason!